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3rd and 4th


Dear Families, 

            Our project period exploring how Vineyarders’ have made a living has brought us to farm and field, high hilltop and ocean shore.  We have learned about processing wool, raising pigs and goats, and running a small farm. We have looked at the geography of the Vineyard and seen how the glaciers carved the land.  We learned how whales took people from the shores of the Vineyard around Cape Horn to the Pacific and how boats being made on the Vineyard today are constructed like those made hundreds of years ago with cotton caulking and wooden bungs.  Finally, we learned how the wastewater from our modern lives can be filtered and cleaned so that it can be put back onto our island. 

             Students have been writing in journals about what we have seen and learned. Every day we have been working on activities back at school that are connected to our island explorations. Bread making, butter making, felting, threshing and winnowing are some of our activities.  We will be showing a slideshow of this project period on Wednesday morning, June 19 at 9:00 and journals and projects will be on display before being taken home.   We hope that you can join us.

            Summer is right around the corner! 


            Karin, Mary Jane, Treather and Sam



Next Week’s Schedule


Monday, June 17                   Oak Bluffs and the Cottage Museum                       9:00

                                                Bring snacks, sun protection, good walking shoes


Wednesday, June 19             Parent Slide Show and Project Share                     9:00


Wednesday, June 19             Mikey Wallace’s House                                             11:00

                                                Bring snacks to supplement hotdogs &

                                                            burgers supplied by Wallace’s


Friday, June 21                      Potluck                                                                       11:30

Whale Boat Launching

The whaleboat that we saw is being launched.   Everyone is invited to come to the launching party on Saturday at 4:00 in Vineyard Haven at the Gannon and Benjamin Boatyard.



When we went to the Gannon and Benjamin Boatyard, I saw a friend of my Dad and me. His name is Nat. He showed us the boat he is working on and then he guided us to the whaling boat.  After that, we saw Sarah from the sail loft. While we were at the sail loft, Sarah talked about a sail that had been given to her because there was a mouse or mice that ate a little of it. You use an awl to help keep the sail straight when you try to fix a sail. When it was snack time, we went out to the dock and I was hoping to see my Dad and my Brother but instead I saw Crichy Crabal and he was working hard.




I like the Native Earth Teaching Farm because we saw tiny baby pigs, cute goats, a goose guarding its eggs, guinea hens, silky chickens with blue ears, skin and bones, sheep, and alpaca. We saw wool and how they spin wool into yarn by twisting it. They dyed it by boiling lichen and dipping the yarn in it. We also got to bring home some dyed yarn and alpaca wool.      Emmanuelle



I learned that you use a stapler for fixing a sail. We walked down the beach and then we saw a boat being made and we glued bungs into it. Bungs are little pellets that you put in holes in boats.         Sophia



It was an exciting day today. We learned how to felt with Sam. We chose to get a ball, a rock, or a bar of oatmeal and almond, or lavender-scented soap and wrapped colored wool around the ball, rock, or soap. Once it was wrapped in wool we dropped it into panty hose, then washed it in bubbly water – unless you chose to cover a bar of soap. In that case you just dipped it a couple of times in normal water, then rub it. Finally, put it out to dry. When it’s dry, if its soap, use it as a wool washcloth.           Hannah