Victoria Dryfoos

FY Spanish Syllabus

PU Spanish Syllabus

Victoria has lived in Mexico for 12 years. She’s taught Spanish on Martha’s Vineyard for the past 4 years, the last two of which have been at the Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School. She is a graduate of the George Washington University.  Victoria has worked the past 15 years supporting the Huichol tribe of Mexico, by organizing cultural exhibits of their art and providing artists with a profitable source of income. Victoria is also a mother to Tau Rios-Dryfoos, who is currently 9 years old. She loves being at our school!

Spanish Class Description for High School

I create my classes with the wish to give the student the possibility to practice their Spanish frequently through conversation. Spanish is mostly spoken in class to give the students the ability to comprehend through listening.  Active speaking is expected. Students learn about the Spanish alphabet, food, the calendar, numbers, emotions, currency and exchange rates, correct use of verbs and grammar, telling time, school vocabulary, expressing personal opinions, leisure activities, and describing people.

 We explore in class,  the various cultural traditions, like “Dia de los Muertos”. We look at exploration and study the significance of Columbus Day.  We also study the influence of Native, Spanish, and African people on Latin America Culture.  We share some typical foods, some student prepared, and others that I bring to class.

 Students research various Spanish speaking countries on their own or in small groups. Students explore various aspects of these countries including the art, history, music, theatre, cinema, literature, sports, dance, politics, cuisine, culture and geography of each country. Students make presentations in Spanish on various topics.

 Students work at their own pace on various grammar and vocabulary exercises. We practice vocabulary by conversing often and by using games periodically like playing jeopardy, concentration, hangman, eggspert, charades, twenty questions and guess who.