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Kim and Jeannie

6/7/8 News

May 19 – 23


This week we began work for our presentation by focusing on the written portion.  The students received an Ocean Career worksheet to help them learn more about the job they picked.  Questions included:

Why did you choose the job?

What qualities do you have that would make you good at the job?

What training or education would you need to do the job?

Do you need a special license?

Would you need any special equipment?

Does your job provide a good or service?

Does it take care of a want or need?

What would be your main duties?

Each child was given an information sheet to help them fill out their worksheet.  After they worked independently as they could, each student sat one-on-one with a teacher to go over what was written and to add/delete information to make it clearer.  After this first step, the students began composing a paragraph from their notes.



Both classes have been busy, busy, busy with end of the year assessments.  


Other Important Information

Our presentation date is slated for Thursday, June 19th.

Two Showings: 10:30 – 11:30 – School community

1:45 – 2:45 – Parents and families


We are scheduled to visit the Charles W. Morgan

on the afternoon of Monday, June 23rd.


If you need to contact us you can send us an e-mail:

Jeannie – jcorreira@mvpcs.org

Kim – kkomarinetz@mvpcs.org

If you need to call we ask that you use the front office number and they will give us the message.  That number is 508 – 693 – 9900.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Kim and Jeannie

Kim Ann and Alyssa