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Kinder NEWS

We have had a busy week.  The kids did a great job when Mindy and I were out on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Both substitute teachers commented on how much fun they had in the classroom and how each student helped by doing his/her part to make the days run smoothly.

            We have been attending our All School Morning Meeting every morning.  The All School Morning Meeting is held each day from 8:20 to around 8:40 and is a time when the whole school meets on Main Street (the school’s main hallway) to share special announcements, birthdays and upcoming events.  It is one of the unique happenings here that makes the Charter School special.  Friday mornings are especially fun as we sing a song as a community.  We would love to have you join us one morning if you ever can make it.

            After Morning Meeting, we start our day with a Morning Circle.  This is a special time each morning that helps to set the tone for the day in our classroom.  We meet in a circle on the rug where we take turns greeting one another and sharing any exciting news that may have.  During the Calendar portion of our circle we have a discussion about how many days we have been in school, the weather, and the days of the week.  The children are learning and practicing important speaking and listening skills, sequencing and following directions during this fast-paced and fun time of day.

            After Calendar, we choose a Group Activity that involves everyone in the class.  Some activities have clear academic skill building components, while other activities appear “just for fun” and offer more practice in the generalized skills of listening and following directions. The Group Activity component of Morning Circle also helps to foster active and engaged participation and encourages cooperation and inclusion.

            The last part of Morning Circle is our Morning Message.  The message on our chart is read each day and discussed.  A quick literacy or math lesson is embedded in the chart (the children might be asked to come up and point to a word that starts with a “M” sound for example). These quick lessons help to reinforce language and math skills in a meaningful and interactive way.

            On Wednesday afternoons starting this Wednesday, the kids will be participating in their first Artist-In-Residence class.  This year we will begin with Creative Drama with Phyllis Vecchia.  It is a great class and each year the children have a blast. 


                                                                        Enjoy the beautiful weekend,

                                                        Lori & Mindy