Mathea and Scott

Hey all,

Add another great week to the book! Heavy rains cleared for a beautiful Friday.  Our Friday song, Take Me Out To The Ball Game, has a storied past.  It was written from a woman’s point of view during the Women’s Suffragette movement, and sung beautifully by our community.  Don’t forget, we have a Science field trip on Monday to Menemsha Hills with TTOR, have kids bring comfortable closed toed shoes, warm clothes, and a snack.  CANCELED 

This weekend at Thimble Farm Hub, Island Grown Initiative is hosting a harvest fest.  It will take place Saturday 10-2.  It should be a lot of fun and there is lots to learn. A true family friendly event.

As a reminder, though tempting, please do not send students with candy or costumes this week.

In 5th grade Science, Tucker, a local mycologist, did a presentation on fungi and decomposers. We then began our engineering and design project to create our own composters which we will continue next week. In 6th grade we built paper skeletons and began bone identification focusing on what bones are made of, the vertebrae, and the rib cage. In social studies we finished, or nearly finished, our five paragraph essays on South America and will start creative presentations next week. I am looking forward to our field trip Monday morning to Menemsha Hills to study Geology with the 5th grade and Navigation with the 6th grade. Bring snacks and water and dress warm and comfortably!

In Math, 5th graders finished their work on orders of operations and looked more at multi digit multiplication with arrays.  Sixth graders finished their work on operations with integers, with a tie in to orders of operations review. Students will take a Star Math assessment on Tuesday. 

In 5th grade ELA, we are finishing up our detailed illustrations of Karana's home that she builds in Island of the Blue Dolphins and our 6th graders are studying hard for the vocabulary quiz they have on Monday after our field trip. 

Enjoy the weekend!


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