Mathea, Scott and Casey

Hey all,

It was a beautiful week and these 5th and 6th graders worked so incredibly hard on their math MCAS.  Sixth graders are done with testing for the year and fifth graders will take the Science MCAS on May 23-24th.  It was wonderful to see some grandparents and special friends today. Tomorrow night is the Spring Fling at the PA club - should be a good time. Project period forms should be in by Monday if they haven't made their way in with a check (scholarships are available - speak with the office).  Please note the change in the Science Museum field trip below.  Have a great weekend!

IMPORTANT: The trip to the Museum of Science has been changed to June 5th due to this Wednesday being a state-wide bus inspection day (who knew?). We will leave and return on the 5th at the same times and will send home reminders as we get closer to the date. Please continue to send in permission slips and money if you have not already.


5/6 Team 

From Casey: 

In Science this week the fifth graders learned about solar energy and gear ratios. The sixth graders learned about Conservation of Matter and physical and chemical changes and 6b set off some baking soda and vinegar explosions. 
In social studies all the classes continued to chip away at their research papers on Asian countries and have been making great progress. 

From Mathea:
This week, we continued working on writing poetry. Fifth graders added Epistle poems and List poems to their growing collection of poetry. Sixth graders continued to write their Verse Novel Memoirs and also began the poetry part of the project we are doing with the MV Museum - coming up with "10 Things I Know to be True" from the perspective of their person. 

From Scott:
Testing and post testing reflection took up a majority of our time. I am so impressed and proud of their hard work and diligence. Sixth graders had a review lesson on different averages. Using data collected at the cemetery, on the age at death of island residents of the past, we discussed impacts of life in the 1800's on life expectancy.  Fifth graders are just beginning a project in smaller groups figuring out the total volume of soil in cubic inches of all the raised beds in the garden.  It'll be a great opportunity to spend time outside and find application for our work. 

Scott Goldin:
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