Mathea and Scott

Hello Families!

We've had a GREAT week here in 5th/6th grade. On Wednesday, we had our grade level Spelling Bees and I was impressed with the fact that everyone participated and tried so hard. Our winner in 5th grade was Violet MacPhail and our runner up was Michael Mello. Our 6th grade winner was Maisie Sherman and our runner up was Putu Crowell. As I write this, they are currently in Jane's room participating in the whole school Spelling Bee!

The 5th grade science field trip has been rescheduled for this coming Wednesday. We will have snack and lunch at school. It is important that kids come wearing warm clothes. While the 5th graders are out, the 6th graders will be watching the movie "42" as part of our biography study of people who've made a difference. This is a bio-pic about Jackie Robinson. It is rated PG-13 so a permission slip will be sent home in backpacks today. You can also email and/or call to give permission.

Students in 5th grade math have practiced finding volume and surface area of three dimensional objects.  They had an opportunity to see if their calculation were correct!  They were all very close!  Next week they will support Sam and I in finding how many cubic feet of soil we need to fill our 8 new raised beds!

Sixth grade math students have been reintroduced to ratios, unit rates, and unit price.   We are discussing why math is so important in everyday life.  Ever notice that stop and shop offers a unit price but Cronigs does not?  We will take a trip to Cronigs to further navigate how to apply this knowledge.  We may even send a letter to Steve Bernier, owner of Cronigs, to ask why this is. Sixth graders are also on their way to a first round of edits on their science research projects.  There will be an exhibition at some point after vacation.

In ELA this week, we continued our reading of "My Brother Sam Is Dead" about the Revolutionary War and tied that into our trip to see the 3rd and 4th grade play on Grey's Raid. Students also participated in small group discussions about whether or not going to war was a valid option and why the characters in the book felt the way they did. As always, students had profound things to say about freedom, choice and when and if violence is necessary.

Also, Tarra and the PTO are looking for volunteers to help with the Spring Fling on March 18. The proceeds from the Spring Fling are designated for Project Period. Tarra can be contacted at

Homework stays the same!

A reminder that Monday is a holiday and next Friday will be a half day.

Have a wonderful weekend with your wonderful kiddos.

Mathea, Scott, Emily & Sam


Mathea Morais teaches ELA and Social Studies.  She has been teaching for over ten years both here and in Boston. Her work in the middle school and high school at MVPCS means she’s well prepared to get students ready for the work ahead of them. Her favorite things in the world are helping students learn to love reading and increasing their awareness of global and social issues. 

Mathea’s students will read challenging books with compelling characters and interesting themes. They will create works of fiction, poetry and memoir. They will study societies around the world and learn to make connections with people across time and space. 

In her free time, Mathea loves spending time with her family, writing fiction and looking at art.

Scott Goldin teaches Science and Math.  He has been teaching at MVPCS for five years.  He most recently was serving as a Learning Facilitator, Advisor, and Math teacher in the Upper Middle School. Scott has been working with Island Grown Schools and throughout the farming community to make connections with kids and our Island agriculture.  He spent several years working with the Trustees of Reservations as well as serving with Americorp and the Pacific Crest Trail Association in the Northwest.  Scott loves to encourage students to connect with the outdoors, get into our school garden, or just ask “Why?”.  He looks to challenge his students to find real world application in the studies of both Math and Science in a project based setting.

In his free time, Scott loves being with family or exploring the Island with an inquisitive eye.



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