Mathea and Scott

Hello families!

Here in 5/6, we are pretty darn proud of how hard your kids worked this week taking their ELA MCAS tests. They were thoughtful, took their time, outlined, highlighted and took pride in doing their very best work. Thank you for making sure they got good night's sleep, got a good breakfast (they got a second one here at school) and got to school on time. 

We are back to our regularly scheduled classes next week and homework is back as well!

Friday is a half-day and we're off the following week for April break. The year is flying by!

Have a fantastic weekend.

Mathea, Scott, Emily & Sam


Mathea Morais teaches ELA and Social Studies.  She has been teaching for over ten years both here and in Boston. Her work in the middle school and high school at MVPCS means she’s well prepared to get students ready for the work ahead of them. Her favorite things in the world are helping students learn to love reading and increasing their awareness of global and social issues. 

Mathea’s students will read challenging books with compelling characters and interesting themes. They will create works of fiction, poetry and memoir. They will study societies around the world and learn to make connections with people across time and space. 

In her free time, Mathea loves spending time with her family, writing fiction and looking at art.

Scott Goldin teaches Science and Math.  He has been teaching at MVPCS for five years.  He most recently was serving as a Learning Facilitator, Advisor, and Math teacher in the Upper Middle School. Scott has been working with Island Grown Schools and throughout the farming community to make connections with kids and our Island agriculture.  He spent several years working with the Trustees of Reservations as well as serving with Americorp and the Pacific Crest Trail Association in the Northwest.  Scott loves to encourage students to connect with the outdoors, get into our school garden, or just ask “Why?”.  He looks to challenge his students to find real world application in the studies of both Math and Science in a project based setting.

In his free time, Scott loves being with family or exploring the Island with an inquisitive eye.



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