Mathea and Scott

Hi Families!

We had a great week this week and have so many upcoming things to announce that we've put together a bulleted list!

  • Thursday, June 1st is the Solar Car Race at Edgartown School. Our students will be racing their solar cars against those built in other schools Island-wide. Here's hoping for sun! (If you have not signed your child's permission slip, please do so and send it in on Tuesday)
  • No School Monday
  • Friday, June 2nd is our Passion Hour Exhibition between 1 pm - 2 pm in Scott and Mathea's rooms. Come see all the hard work our students have put into learning about their particular passions this year!
  • Friday, June 2nd is the Opening Reception for the History Hybrid exhibit at the Martha's Vineyard Museum. This exhibit explores the intersections of history and creative storytelling through visual art. Our 6th grade class has been studying gravestone iconography in the West Tisbury cemetery, as well as birth and death dates. Armed with additional archival information from the museum, each student then created an art project and wrote creative pieces about the lives of those they studied. Please come check it out, it will be amazing!
  • Sunday, June 4th is the MVPCS graduation. Both of our advisories have been meeting with our graduates this year and will be presenting them with special gifts that we think will help send them off onto the next chapter in their lives. The more kids we have at the ceremony to give the gifts, the better. Start time is 1:30 pm. ALSO, please send your child in with a $5 toward the graduate gifts. If this is a hardship for you, please let us know.
Have a fantastic weekend!!!



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