Mathea and Scott

Hey all,

It was a whirlwind week with two days off -  heck of a storm.  We did our best to get back to routine along with our trip to see A Wrinkle In Time and our Infrastructure trial for MCAS.  The kids worked very hard this morning taking the practice MCAS, reminding themselves how to navigate the test and give it a go on a practice math test.  I think it was informative for all and an opportunity to switch gears and apply understanding and learning in a different format.

This coming week, Tuesday through Thursday, are PEP meetings with students, parents/guardians, and advisors.  This means three half days. Kids will have done some self reflection before coming in to meet.  If you haven’t heard of your PEP time or need to reschedule, let your advisor know or reach out Alex.

Best of luck to all the kids in the play.  Enjoy the weekend.


5/6 Crew

From Scott:
In 6th grade we are coming to the end of their first foray into probability while they create their own three player game of Rock Paper Scissor.
In 5th grade we continued on with work and understanding of percents and their relation to fractions and decimals.  

From Casey: 
This week in science we finished learning about the life cycle of average and massive stars and the fifth graders began to put the finishing touches on their solar system science stories. In social studies we learned about the pyramids of Egypt and the timeline of the Egyptian civilization. 

From Mathea:
We had such a good time seeing A Wrinkle in Time on Thursday (see photo attached)! In my opinion, the movie was fantastic and a real illustration of what adaptation can look like. Due to the storm, the movie and our MCAS trial, we didn’t have too much class time but 5th graders spent it working on learning about figurative language in Love That Dog and 6th graders started The Crossover by Kwame Alexander. More poetry and MCAS prep to come next week. 

Have a great weekend!
5/6 Team 

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