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Graduation Requirements

Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School

Graduation Requirements


I. Passing the Tenth Grade MCAS                       

The student must meet the Commonwealth’s performance expectations required on MCAS tests.


II. Curricular Knowledge   

The student must earn a minimum of:

            Four credits of English

            Four credits of Math

            Three credits of Lab Based Science 

            Three credits of Social Studies/History

            Two credits of World Language

            Two credits of Fine Arts

            Four credits of Electives, one credit of which must be health


One credit is granted upon the successful completion of a year-long course. Half credits are granted upon the successful completion of a semester- long class. With the agreement of the High School Faculty “credits” may also be earned through successful completion of other educational experiences. A student needs to successfully complete 25 credits to graduate from the Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School.


***Full English credit will be granted to ELL students receiving ELL instruction.


III. Portfolios

Students must complete one portfolio per year of attendance at the MVPCS High School.


The portfolios will be created over an extended period of time through independent research and study, and/or through the student’s course work, and will be related to the curriculum areas of English, Math, Science, Social Studies/History, Health/PE, World Languages, or the Arts. The student will discuss the work with a review panel. Student work will meet the criteria outlined by the portfolio requirements.


IV. Project Period

Students must successfully participate in two Project Period courses per year of attendance except during senior year when there is one project period required.


IV. Community Service

The student must complete one community service project each year of High School.


V. Mentorships

The student must participate in a mentorship experience each year of High School.


The Graduation Committee, comprised of a Trustee, the Director, Assistant Director,  High School Faculty members, and members from the Board of Trustees, meets four times during the school year to review each High School student’s progress towards meeting the Graduation Requirements.