Board Meeting Dates


It is the mission of the Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School to create a public school that will cultivate life-long learners in a multi-aged, project-based setting. Within an environment that models interdependence as the foundation of society:


•The individual student will learn to direct his/her own learning;

•The group will make decisions together and recognize the unique contributions of each member

            •The community will support and interact with the school body.



Board of Trustees Meeting



                                    1. Minutes of last meeting


                                    2. Financial Report


                                    3. Director’s Report


                                    4. President’s Report

                                                Committee reports


                                    5. Faculty, Student, Community Comment


All meetings begin at 3:30 PM and are held at the Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School, 424 State Road, West Tisbury, MA.  

2017-2018 School Year Meeting Schedule:

September 22 3:30

October 16 3:30

November 6 3:30

December 4 3:30

January 22 3:30

February 5 3:30

February 26 8:00am W.T. Library

March 5 3:30

April 9 3:30

April 30 6:00pm at W.T. Library

May 3 5:30 Annual Meeting at the Charter School

June 11 3:30

It is our goal to provide learners with
individualization and carefully monitored progress.