Karin and Alyssa

                         Feb.  23, 2018

Dear Families,

          February Vacation is here and we are
all excited to have a break with our families. We will pick up with school
after the holidays with new areas of focus and will also be focusing on our
MCAS preparations. Our MCAS tests will be here shortly. We have the Language
Arts test on April 3rd and 4th and the Math test on May 15th and 16th.

The Greek Mythology Exhibition was a huge success! Thank you all for coming and
supporting the gods and goddesses. We were very impressed with their speeches,
costumes, and overall hard work in learning about their Greek gods/goddesses.
The students loved learning about all their powers, symbols, family
relationships and what they were able to do on Mount Olympus.

          Congratulations to Amma and Koko for competing in the whole school spelling bee! They both represented the 4th grade classes and spelled their h-e-a-r-t-s out. We are so proud of their accomplishments and know they will continue their fantastic spelling. 

          We hope the students have a fantastic break but please encourage finding a little time in the day to read and perhaps work on some math facts.

Look out for signs of spring and have a wonderful vacation,

                    Karin, Alyssa, Ali and Chrissy

                                     Curriculum Highlights

Language Arts

Greek Mythology Exhibition


Grade 3

Introduction to fractions

Grade 4

Improper to mixed fractions 

Social Studies

Mapping the United States

Rivers and Crops


Mountains and Erosion

Upcoming Events

MCAS Schedule

Grade 3 and Grade 4 – Language Arts – Tuesday and Wednesday, April 3rd
and 4th.

            Grade 3 and Grade 4- Math - Tuesday and Wednesday, May 15th and 16th.