Karin and Alyssa




May 26, 2017

Dear Families,

          Memorial Day is Monday and this week we
spoke about the significance of honoring those who gave their lives in war. At
library, fourth graders learned about the significance of poppies on this
holiday. Ask them what they learned.

          Students took the GRADE reading
assessment this week. The GRADE is an assessment of listening comprehension,
reading comprehension and vocabulary which serves as our in house assessment of
reading progress for the year. The kids did a great job staying focused,
reading carefully and checking their work.

          Next, Friday, June 3rd is the school dance.  It is held under thetent used for graduation. The dance is open to the younger students from 5:30to 7:30.  Music is by Sterling Bishop and pizza is available.  The following
Sunday, June 4th is graduation and we will be presenting gifts to
two high school graduates –Avery Minor (Karin’s advisory) and Carlos Mullen
(Alyssa’s advisory).
Graduation is at 1:30 and we hope that some
third and fourth grade students will present our gifts to these graduates.        

          Other big events are a fieldtrip to the MV Museum and Vineyard Gazette on June 5th (MONDAY).  We will spend the morning and lunch in
Edgartown learning about historic and present day trades, as well as touring
the Vincent House which is one of the oldest buildings on the Vineyard. 

          Grandparents (and Special People) Day is a new event that we will participate in on Friday, June 9th.  Please look for a special invitation in the
mail next week. 

       Yours,   Karin, Alyssa, Ali and Chrissy

Curriculum Highlights


GRADE Assessments

Persuasive writing


Grade 3

Area and perimeter

Elapsed time

Grade 4

Using a protractor to draw Angles

Figure out unknown angles in a diagram


Martha’s Vineyard History – trades from the

Help Wanted Ads


Begin unit on Flight

Bird adaptations

Upcoming dates:

Graduation:  Sunday, June 4th, 1:30

Fieldtrip:  MV Museum and Vineyard Gazette, Monday, June

Last Homework Club:  June 6th

Grandparent’s Day, Friday,
June 9th

Egg-Drop, Friday, June 9th

4th Grade Kayak and 3rd
Grade Hike
Friday, June 16th