Karin and Alyssa

11, 2018




          A big thank you to everyone that
helped make Grandparent and Special Friends Day a success.  We had a number of guests in our rooms (too
many for the chairs!).  We learned a bit about
what life was like in school in the past and shared some of our own activities
and routines. Alyssa’s advisory played Around the World which is a
multiplication game, it was great to show off our math skills and even a few
grandmothers joined in! Karin’s group interviewed the visitors and shared what
they learned.  In closing, all the
students sang One Day by Matisyahu
while some even strummed the chords on their ukeles. It was a beautiful way to
end our morning with a wonderful audience of grandparents and special friends.


          We are so proud of our third and
fourth graders for their hard work and focus preparing for the math MCAS this
week!  We will continue our math testing
on Tuesday, May 15th and Wednesday, May 16th so please be sure your
child gets plenty of rest the night before and gets to school on-time Tuesday
morning.  We will have no homework and no
Homework Club next week because of testing.


          Our second water safety field trip to
the YMCA is on Monday, May 21st. Please send your child to school with a
bathing suit, towel, and cap/goggles if you have them.



          Have a wonderful weekend!


                              Karin, Alyssa,
Mercedes and Jennifer




Curriculum Highlights

Language Arts

Roald Dahl author study

GRADE reading assessment




Math review

Area and perimeter



Geometry (Angles, lines and using a

Area and Permieter


Social Studies

State projects



Fossils, Bones, and Dinosaurs


                                                            Upcoming Events

Water Safety Program: Monday, May 7th and
Monday, May 21st


No Homework Club, Tuesday, May 15th
because of MCAS


Math MCAS:   Tuesday, May 15th and Wednesday,
May 16th

State Fair:  Friday, June 1st