Karin and Alyssa




June 16, 2017

Dear Families,

          This is our last Weekly Window of the
year.  Next week we are closing down our
classrooms, visiting exhibitions and having our own in-class graduation. We
want to thank you all for your support over the last year or two.  To the families of the 4th grade
students, we want to say a special thank you and good luck as your children
move up to the 5th grade.

          We will see a few changes to the
2017-2018.  Cristina will be returning
from her maternity leave to resume her position in the 3rd/4th
grade.  Chrissy will be leaving to work
in her husband’s busy caretaking business on Chappy.  We are crossing our fingers that Alyssa will
be at our school in a different position in the fall. We will keep you updated
as September rolls around.

          We would like to thank Julie andHeather for helping make our mini project period on Vineyard food systemspossible this week. Tuesday we went to the Grey Barn and toured the 100 acreproperty that has been a dairy on and off for over 100 years. Wednesday we learnedabout growing greens, vegetables, and raising trout through a closed hydroponic
system.  At the Farm Hub the farmers were
raising strawberries, celery, lettuces, greens, tomatoes and peppers in the
greenhouses that used to be Thimble Farm. We toured the community gardens and
met the farm goats. Thursday we cooked delicious Irish Soda Bread with fresh
butter, and made ice cream in plastic bags with ice.  We ended our week on Friday with a beautiful morning at Fulling Mill Brook. The 4th graders explored the stream,
caught little fish and made boats to race down the stream. The 3rd
graders took a hike up to a scenic overlook and had scavenger hunt leading to a
“treasure”.  We heard cheers of: “the
best day ever”, “can we stay all day” and “the water is so cold but it’s so
fun”! Thank you to Heather, Julie and Mandy for your amazing support!

          Next week we will be sending home much
of the work students completed throughout the year.  We encourage you to look through the work.  Over the summer we hope that you
will take advantage of the summer reading programs at the local libraries.  They are a great way to motivate kids to read
through the summer.  Daily reading for 20-30
helps keep children from sliding backward with their learning.  Unfinished pages in the math workbooks we
send home can also be done to help students keep their math skills fresh for
the fall.

          Finally, you will be seeing a new
report card format when you receive student reports in early July.   The reports will now be separated by 3rdand 4th grade.  You will see a
number grade for each of the curriculum areas: language arts, math, social
studies, science, and charter learner. 
There will be only one narrative located at the end of the charter
learner section.  It is our hope that
this new format gives you a clearer picture of how your child is progressing
through the curriculum.  We look forward
to your feedback about the report cards this fall.

          We hope to see many of you at the end
of the year cookout on Wednesday at 11:30. 

          Have a wonderful summer! 


Karin, Alyssa, Chrissy and Ali




Upcoming dates:


21st: Last day of school, ½ day