Kim and Jeannie

Grade 1 and 2 News

March 12 - 16

The students learned about the water cycle in science.  The water cycle answers the question of why the ocean is here.  The water that we have on Earth today is the same water that was here when Earth was being formed and could even have been touched by dinosaurs.  That’s because the water has been recycled and cleaned over and over again by the water cycle. The parts of the cycle include condensation, precipitation, collection or accumulation and evaporation.  We read books, saw a science video about the water cycle, acted out the parts of the cycle, and then made a type of flipbook to illustrate this important topic.


Next week PEPs (Personal Education Plan) meetings will be taking place.  Hopefully you and your child can make your scheduled time.  If not please speak to either Kim or Jeannie.  These will be the last ones this year.  Here are some things you may want to discuss with your child before his/her meeting.


*What was most successful for you so far?

*What is something that is still challenging?


We are looking forward to chatting with you and your student.


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