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6/7/8 News

September 18 - 22


Our social curriculum in the classroom is coming alive as the students practiced using and seeing how the language of our Pillars and classroom rules fit into our daily classroom lives.  This important period will set us up for future learning as the students become more confident in the routines and work towards becoming more independent.  The students also began science and social studies thematic studies.  During this afternoon time the students are mixed by age and advisory so that they can learn to work with all their classmates.  This week the students had the opportunity to work in both of these areas and the groups switched mid-week.


The students began working in smaller math teams this week. This is a Guided Math approach. These are flexible groupings that can change day-to- day or week-to-week depending on the progress and understanding of the students.  The first graders worked in three rotating groups to explore geometry concepts further.  This work included creating images with Pattern Blocks, exploring how to fit Tangrams into shape puzzles, and table work with the teacher to introduce paper-and-pencil workbook assignments. In second grade guided math groups were used, students received support to help them begin to complete workbook pages independently. They are becoming familiar with routines and what to do next when they finish assignments. We do guided math so that we can reach all the learners in the classroom and so we can differentiate instruction in many ways.  



The final closure activity of the day is important for the groups. To make the end of the day as calm and safe as possible, we kindly ask that you wait until we open the door as the signal that we are ready for dismissal.  We appreciate your support by also giving us a heads up if you intend to pick up your child prior to 3:10.  Just let us know in the morning.

Snack Schedule

M – Popcorn and fruit

T – Goldfish and fruit

W – Yogurt and granola

Th – Pretzels and cheese stick

F- Cereal and milk

More Important Information

Scheduled class trips

Tuesday, October 3rd

Polly Hill Arboretum

8:45 – 10:00

Focus: Plant structure

Thursday, October 26th

Trustees of Reservations

9:30 – 11:00 –Menemsha Hills

1:00 – 2:30 Long Point

Focus:  Glacial formation of the island


If you need to contact us you can send us e-mail:

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If you need to call we ask that you use the front office number and they will give us the message.  That number is 508 – 693 – 9900.

Have a great weekend!

Kim and Jeannie

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