Kim and Jeannie

6/7/8 News

June 15 - 18

On Thursday, June 15th, after a couple weeks of hard work the students presented their awesome projects for our Traditions and Heritage presentation.  Dioramas, posters, models and books decorated the room.   As the school community and families came to the classroom to celebrate the efforts of each and every child, the room was abuzz with conversation as questions were asked and answered.  We are very proud of what the children accomplished.  We would like to thank Heather, Alison, Mackenzie, Trina, Karon and Elizabeth for all their time and effort pulling these projects together.

As this is the last letter of this year we would like to say thank you for all your support. 

It has been a pleasure working with all our 2nd year students and families. 

We wish them the best of luck as they move forward to 3rd/4th grade. 

We will see our first year students at PEPs in August. 

Thanks for a wonderful year!

Over the summer

Next week the students will be bringing home packets of work that they have done throughout the year.  Included will be their math workbooks.  Since we do not and have not done all the pages in class, your child can work through unfinished pages to help keep his/her skills fresh.  We also encourage some writing and daily reading of at least 20 - 30 minutes.

 Report cards

You will be seeing a new report card format beginning this semester.  The reports will now be separated by first and second grade.  You will see number grades given for the five areas of language arts, math, social studies, science and the charter learner tool.  There will be only one narrative that will be at the end under the charter learner section.  It is our hope that this new format gives you a clearer picture of how your child is progressing through the curriculum.  


Have a fantastic summer!

Kim and Jeannie

Brit and Renee