A Peek at the Week


We welcomed a sweet little duckling on Thursday but sadly the other two did not hatch out.  Ducks are social creatures, much more so than chickens, and our little one was quite distressed; peeping loudly most of the day.  Hope (Briggs’mom) had also set some eggs and only one of her ducklings hatched. We made the decision to unite the two. Both ducklings settled almost immediately when they were brought together.  So our little guy has gone to live with Hope and Briggs at their farm. 

Thanks to Sarah, Louis’s mom for bringing in a BUNCH of gorgeous peacock feathers.  We have been sketching them and doing some super cool balancing of them on our hands, fingers and foreheads. 

We have been having fun adding two 1-digit numbers and learning new vocabulary like, addend and sum.  Ask your child about the song “When you add with a pirate”



That’s all for now.  Enjoy your weekend with family and friends. The Garden Gate Art Exhibit is tonight (at Featherstone ) from 5 to 8 and tomorrow from , Saturday from 10 to 1. We hope that you can make it.


                                                        Lori & Mindy





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