Kindergarten News

March 26 - 30


This weekend, ask me about:


·     our “Would you rather question…”

·     FEATHERS  Not just for flying…

·     dancing with Leah from the Yard again on Mondays

·     how our arcade game is coming along

·     Library Class with Meredith

·     the performance on Main Street this afternoon

  If you would like to come in for lunch please let us know.  We have lunch at 12:05 until 12:30.  If you would like to order school lunch please call Alex at the front desk or bring along your own lunch (no nuts).  Also Friday mornings are a great time to join us for All School Morning Meeting which begins at around 8:20.  There is a community song and it is a lot of fun for all. As always, the invitation is extended to come in and Mystery Read.  Please contact me for the best times.

Re:  Extra clothes

Please make sure that your child has an extra set of clothes

to keep in his/her cubby.