Sept 25th – 29th


Monday, Sept 25

Caprese pasta salad w/ pesto, Caesar salad, roll, fresh fruit and milk


Tuesday, Sept 26

Tomato soup grilled cheese, salad bar, fruit and milk


Wednesday, Sept 27

Cheese, veggie or peperoni pizza, salad bar, fresh fruit and milk


Thursday, Sept 28


Chicken pot pie, tofu pot pie, salad bar, fresh fruit and milk


Friday, Sept 29

Sloppy Joe or Sloppy June, corn, fresh fruit and milk


$3.75 per/student

$5.31 per/adult



Ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, salad dressing, butter, honey, sun butter, balsamic, ranch, & soy dressings, 

Balsamic dressing, sesame ginger, ranch, oil and vinegar


MV Charter Civil Rights Statement

Public Release September 2016

Wellness Policy