May 21 -25


Monday, May 21

Mac and Cheese, Salad Bar, Fresh Fruit and Milk


Tuesday, May 22

Turkey and Cheese, Hummus and Veggie or Chicken Salad Wrap, Salad Bar, Fresh Fruit and Milk


Wednesday, May 23

Pepperoni, Cheese or Veggie Pizza, Caesar Salad,

Fresh Fruit and Milk


Thursday, May 24

Hot Dog or Tofu Dog, Vegetarian Beans, Salad Bar,

Fresh Fruit and Milk


Friday, May 25

         Chicken Caesar or Vegan Strip Caesar, Salad Bar, Fruit and Milk


Ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, salad dressing, butter, honey, sun butter, balsamic, ranch, & soy dressings, 

Balsamic dressing, sesame ginger, ranch, oil and vinegar 

$3.75 per/student

$5.00 per/adult

(please note, snack is not free for reduced or free lunch)

Breakfast is available at school.
8 - 9 every morning.
$2.00, reduced or free depending on status


MV Charter Civil Rights Statement

Public Release September 2016

Wellness Policy