Nov 13 – Nov 17

Monday, Nov 13

Penne with Mermaid Farm Beef or Veggie Sauce,

Salad Bar, Fresh Fruit and Milk


Tuesday, Nov 14

 Mermaid Farm Chili or 3 Bean Chili, Salad Bar,

Fruit and Milk

Wednesday, Nov 15

Cheese, Veggie or Bacon Pizza, Caesar Salad,

Fresh Fruit and Milk


Thursday, Nov 16

Tacos - Mermaid Farm Beef or Veggie, Taco Salad Bar,

Fresh Fruit and Milk


Friday, Nov 17

Vegetable Stir Fry over Rice,

Fresh Fruit and Milk



Ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, salad dressing, butter, honey, sun butter, balsamic, ranch, & soy dressings, 

Balsamic dressing, sesame ginger, ranch, oil and vinegar 

$3.75 per/student

$5.00 per/adult


MV Charter Civil Rights Statement

Public Release September 2016

Wellness Policy