Middle School English: 2009-10 Year Overview

 September -October

  • Unit: Theme and Genre Study
  • Text: Various short stories in the following genres: Science fiction, fantasy, realistic fiction, fairy tales; poetry that shares a common theme with stories that we read.
  • Projects: Students will work in small groups to research, create an example of, and present a genre that is focused around a common theme.


November -December

  • Unit: Greek and Roman mythology (in conjunction with social studies curriculum)
  • Text: The Adventures of Ulysses, various myths and folk tales
  • Projects: Students will choose a god or goddess to research and we will make portraits of the gods. We will hold an “Election of the gods” in which students write and deliver a speech in an attempt to be elected the new ruler of Olympus.


January -February

  • Unit: Preparation for the 2010 English Language Arts MCAS and independent reading projects
  • Text: Student chosen novels
  • Projects: Various student selected projects


March -April

  • Unit: Utopias and Dystopias
  • Text: The Giver, various short stories
  • Projects: Students will write an analytic literary essay.



  • Unit: Literature of the Holocaust (in conjunction with social studies curriculum)
  • Text: Excerpts from various works of literature
  • Projects: Students will create poetry and artwork for the middle school Living History Museum.