Options in Education

Options in Education, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation committed to providing educational alternatives for the children of Martha's Vineyard.  A goal for OIE is to sustain and keep the school financially sound as it becomes self-sufficient in achieving financial independence.  OIE owns the building and grounds which it leases to the school.

The purposes of OIE are:

   1. To support and promote innovative educational programs on Martha's Vineyard, especially for  children.
   2. To raise funds for a charter school.
   3. To eventually operate a summer program offering educational activities for children, and to create    employment opportunities for young people.


Officers:  Charlotte Costa, President
                 Kathryn Harcourt, Clerk
                 Jennifer Crawford, Treasurer
                 Lynn Van Auken
                 Billy Dillon
                 Felicia Cheney
                 Laury Binney

Ex-Officio Members:  Marc Favreau, President of MVPCS Board
                                     Robert Moore, Director, MVPCS