Understand how language can help us integrate into our world and understand others.


Focus on conversational Spanish with attention to grammar, while strengthen reading and writing skills.

Explore Spanish speaking countries and their cultures

Debate about immigration and discrimination and other current events

Compare/contrast diverse ways of life




  • Attend and participate in class
  • Complete homework assignments
  • Complete all projects
  • Come prepared to class (notebook, homework binder, writing utensils)
  • Demonstrate successful learning on quizes and exams


Materials used:

Paso a Paso and Realidades Textbooks (Level 2 and 3) by Prentice Hall, Que Tal and Ahora Magazine, La Catrina 2 video/workbook, assorted international films, audio/video/workbooks that accompany Realidades Text books, handouts from various references.



September/October- sports, climate and vocabulary pertaining to fall, describing yourself and others, school, Hispanic Americans, Independence dates, Columbus Day and Dia de la Raza, explorers, indigenous people, Central America

November/December- Hispanic writers and poets, foods and hobbies,  Day of the Dead celebrations, Guadalupe, Las Posadas, Central America

January/February- sports, climate and vocabulary pertaining to winter, family and the home, Hispanic Artists, Dia de los Reyes, Carnival, Spain

March/April- sports, climate and vocabulary pertaining to spring, purchasing, currency, traveling and vacations, revolutionaries, Semana Santa, Spain

May/June- sports, climate and vocabulary pertaining to summer, technology, media, revolutionaries and civil movements, Cinco de Mayo, Spain