My Restaurant Project

6th Grade Math



For this project you will be designing a menu for the restaurant of your dreams.  You will also plan the restaurants location, hours, and size. 

In your proposal you will be discussing the basic ideas of the restaurant.  You may want to look at the features of existing restaurants to help in your planning. 

 Write a proposal on a separate piece of paper that answers the following questions for your proposed restaurant.  Use correct grammar, complete sentences and organized paragraphs.  Edit for spelling and grammar:

 1.    Where in the world will your restaurant be located?

2.    Why did you pick this location?

3.    What type of food will your restaurant serve?

4.    How fancy or casual will your restaurant be?  Describe the type of customer you would like to attract (families, couples, a mix of everyone, older or younger people). 

5.    Describe how customers will get their food.  Will you have waiters and waitresses or will customers order and pick up or will you have a mix? 

6.    Will you be open for breakfast, lunch or dinner or a mix of 2 or 3?

7.    What will be the hours of your restaurant?

8.    How many people will you serve at one time?


9.    Draw a proposed layout for your restaurant. Make sure to leave room for people to get around the restaurant when people are eating.  Your restaurant  must include:

a.     A Kitchen 

b.    Server station where wait staff picks up the food or customers order and pick up food

c.     A place for customers or wait staff to put dirty dishes and trash after customers are done

d.    Tables and chairs (make sure this fits with your proposed amount of people you plant to serve) if your restaurant has seating if it is not exclusively take out

 In your drawing include:

1.    Dimensions of the building

a.     Dimensions of details inside the restaurant (aisle’s, kitchen, counters etc.)  

b.    Dimensions of tables

c.     The total square feet of the building needed to house the entire restaurant

2.    Proposed parking area with the amount of parking needed if you will have parking

3.    Chairs at tables so the number at each table is clear.  Make sure this accommodates your proposed number to serve total at one time from above.

4.    Any detail you feel is important to distinguish your restaurant or its service