Students are now expected to do four, 30 minute sessions of Study Island each week.  The goal is to review topics that they have struggled with or to test on areas you have not covered in Study Island yet.  Each Friday students will get an update of their progress to help guide their choices for the following week.  Below are directions on how to access topics to study from the complete list of topics.   

 To complete Study Island Math Homework that is not an assignment:

1.       Log into Study Island (user name: full name password: island).

2.       On the left side of the screen under MA Programs pick your grade level for Math.

3.       Once you pick your grade level you will see tabs at the top and blue writing with your choice of topics.

4.       For math click on Math (2012 Assessment), either the tab in gray at the top or the blue writing on the right side of the screen.

5.       A list of topics will appear with information about each topic. This information can guide you on how to pick a topic:

a.       Your Results Items: Score shows how you have done on that topic

b.      Passing Goal Items: Score shows how many problems and what percent correct you need to pass that topic.

c.        Grade shows what level you have achieved on the topic.


A - Advanced P - Proficient N - Needs Improvement W - Warning/Failing

6.  To work on a topic click the box on the left side of the screen next to the topic.

Remember when picking topics:

·     Work on topics you have not passed yet that we have already covered in class.

·         Print out lessons or open lessons in anther window to support your work on the activities.  If the lesson looks very unfamiliar to you then the topic may be too difficult and you might want to pick another topic.  

If you get frustrated and need Anna to delete sessions so you can raise your percentage please email Anna ( or talk to Anna